Stop Bolton Clarke from over developing and destroying the New Farm Community.

Our Message

At the site of the former Treetops residential aged care home in Sargent Street, New Farm, Bolton Clarke is proposing the development of a retirement living community.

Sounds great, but unfortunately, they are proposing an enormous 5-6 storey tower in a zone where 2-3 storeys are the standard. This tower of 38 x 2 and 3 bedroom apartments will literally tower over the two-storey traditional Queenslander homes along the street and those to the rear.

The development application currently before Council indicates Bolton Clarke plan to build to a height of over 24m.

Yes, that’s right – 24m!!!

Home owners in the vicinity have had to renovate within the height restrictions of 9.5m. Same zone – low-medium density living precinct (LMR). So why do the rules not apply to developers?

If you are a home owner in New Farm in a LMR zone, council approval of this current plan will set a dangerous precedent for all developers wanting to build above 3 storeys.

No-one is opposing considerate development, particularly for retirement living, but it needs to be consistent with adjoining dwellings.

Residents of Sargent Street have successfully battled the New Farm Clinic development and now have a three-storey facility with adequate parking that fits within the streetscape.

Bolton Clarke needs to listen to the community and be considerate and respect the amenities of their neighbours and not be a blight on the traditional Queenslander streetscape that defines the suburb.

If you are interested in keeping New Farm a community, NOT HIGH-RISE COMPOUNDS, please lodge an objection on the Brisbane City Council website on the quick links supplied.